Origin and Development of the Family Club

The Family Club in South Africa was founded by Fr Nadim Abou Zeid in 2004, who, as Superior of the Maronite Catholic Mission in South Africa, had as his aim the finding of a club to preserve and unify the spirit of the Lebanese Family and the Lebanese Diaspora under the shadow of the Cedar Tree.

Through building the family, the community grows stronger and more united. Community businesses are promoted; healing occurs in families; families are brought together and are encouraged to stay together; Family Trees and the history of each family are recorded and the information preserved for future generations; children and youth are encouraged to visit their motherland and to learn more about their traditions and culture; and the talents of the community are shared and appreciated in fellowship.

In the four years since its inception, Fr Nadim has nurtured and inspired the growth of the Family Club and has created a model from which any family or community can benefit and prosper. More than 5000 people were brought to the Church and together to celebrate their family days; hundreds of families were consecrated to the Holy Family; and the Maronite Memo was established bringing spiritual and community news to the people.