Message from Fr Nadim Abou Zeid
Founder of the Family Club


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


And He called His greatest gift "Family"


Our Lord Jesus said: "Blessed are those who are merciful to others, God will be merciful to them" Matthew 5:7


Our Lady said His mercy is from age to age to those who fear Him." Luke 1:50


The word Mercy in the Holy Scriptures is 'rahamin' or 'rahum' which are related to 'rehem' meaning 'motherly womb', that is a place of care, protection and growth. These words describe a God overcome with compassion, a profound spontaneous inward love charged with tenderness, indulgence and forgiveness.


The family embodies unity and integrity. Parents are brought together initially by common interests, their attributes and differences, families are formed. It is important to establish unity within our families. The specific unity of mankind must be based on a community of persons - a communion - which is rooted in oneness of origin and destiny. We have our rich heritage and tradition a common bond that has preserved our past. Let us now stand together to build a strong Maronite Church through a strong committed Maronite Family. The more our Lebanese community becomes scattered across the country, the greater the obligation to unify the community through the family of Christ.


The call to build our family comes to us from the Divine Family of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in whose image we are made. When Jesus established His Church He created a new family and community built around Himself. One of love - love of God and love of one another. If we want to become more of a family/community, we need to do more as a family and for the family.


It is part of our role as parents to become an example to our younger generations. Encouraging them to rediscover the Lebanese spirit, identity and engrave in their hearts our FAITH, FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP. By reaching out and opening our HANDS, HOMES and HEARTS to become the Lebanese Family Club.


Message from His Excellency
Mr Michel Katra
Lebanese Ambassador To South Africa


Dear Fellow Family & Friends


Once upon a time...


A noble man born on noble soil, decided to take to the oceans and challenge distant lands with the aim of discovering new places, new people... new ideals... and founding a new home.


This challenge had come from the land of eternally blessed Cedars... from the cities of Byblos, Beritys, Sidon and Tyre... land of Phoenicians, where human civilisations and values, throughout thousands of years, had interwoven in order to produce a cosmopolitan voyager.


This voyager, with skills...noble ideals...high spirits... was entrusted with a mission to radiate a deeply-rooted faith in God, devotion to his family life...and his brother, the next human being to him.


He emigrated from the land of the snow covered-mountains and romantic blue seas.
That land was Lebanon...
Long live the land of the Cedars and its beloved people.