Families are brought to plan the day, research and record their family history and gather their families together at their Church. The family day is prepared by the family for the family. A book ‘All about Family Gatherings’ by the founder, Fr Nadim Abou Zeid is available from the Maronite Catholic Church. It gives all the requirements and benefits of the family day. The family together celebrate Holy Mass for the intention of their living and deceased. They share a meal and spend time meeting old and new friends, relatives they didn’t know they had, moments of laughter and perhaps a sentimental memory when reading through the family book, the youth learn about their ancestry and enjoy entertainment provided by family members sharing their talents.


In addition to the family booklet available for purchase, a photographic presentation of the family is screened on the day. Emotions surface, happy memories are recalled and sincere appreciation is always received from the family to the family club in bringing the family together. The culture of family is instilled the community and developed through continued motivation.


The possibilities of the Family club are endless. Traditions and culture are brought together: cultural items, religious and family memorabilia are available and books for sale. Mother tongue language lessons are encouraged, families are motivated to celebrate their family days annually, cultural and other family events are held, pilgrimages to our motherland are offered and continued communication within the family and community through is maintained.


Families in South Africa


Currently the Joseph, Mansour, Zaki/Zackey and Auby/Ayoub/Aube are working together to create their own family day. Other families in South Africa and around the world are also encouraged to unite and preserve their past, present and future for their family and for future generations:


  • Anthony Antoun Abrosie Alexander
  • Ansara Antonie Ashkar Assad
  • Azar/Azov Basel/Basille Bolus Chedrawi
  • Cheketri Chemaly David Diab
  • Essey Farry Farah Gossayn
  • Hanna Hage Habib Jacob
  • Jaffa Jagga John Kairouz
  • Lahoud Manas Mazaham Merchak
  • Munzer Mukheiber Magua Nassif
  • Peter Rezek Rohanna Sadie
  • Sasseen/Sassine Sanan Simon Simpson
  • Soma Saffy/Safi Sarkis Saad
  • Shalala Tarry Thomas Zoghby

Not only may individual families gather together but also families traditionally from the same villages in their motherland, e.g : in Lebanon


  • Haddad
  • Kirnitshiwan
  • KaramSade
  • Sebhel


Although most of the information contained herein regards mainly the Lebanese Community in South Africa, it is the wish of the Founder, Fr Nadim Abou Zeid, for the concept of the Family Club to be inclusive of and to be incorporated for ALL NATIONS, AL RACES, AND ALL RELIGIONS. The invitation to join the Family Club is extended to all our brothers and sisters of African, Indian, Asian, Portuguese, Italian, French or Armenian descent who are encouraged to study their family trees and create their own family days.


Because we are all Brothers and Sisters in the Family of God,
sharing in His gifts of life, love and passion.